How can one keep the exterior surface of the aluminium composite panel clean?

Modern architecture has transformed the urban landscape. With high rise buildings and innovative designs, cities are aesthetically pleasing more than ever. And one of the main reasons for their exquisite look is the Aluminium composite panel – an exterior wall cladding material that is known for its durability and aesthetics.

The exteriors of a building get constantly exposed to pollution, acidic rainwater, dust and other environmental factors that can degrade the appearance of the façade material and consequently dull the appearance of the building.

However, ACP Sheets require low maintenance and can be brought back to their radiant selves with regular cleaning and maintenance.

With regular cleaning and proper care, the quality and appearance of the ACP exterior cladding can be sustained. The cleaning intervals may depend on the local environment and climatic conditions, but nonetheless, surfaces should be cleaned either manually or with some cleaning device from top to bottom.

It is crucial to know the cleaning techniques and suitable cleaning agents otherwise it could backfire on you. For instance, the use of any powerful alkaline cleaning agents such as potassium hydroxide, any powerful acidic products or sodium carbonate or caustic soda, or heavily abrasive scouring agents such as vim, lime or lacquer dissolving cleaning agents are strictly prohibited because they may destroy the look and shine of the ACP Sheets. And it doesn’t matter if the ACP sheet price was high when you bought them, it requires proper care.

Let’s discuss some effective cleaning techniques:

Gentle cleaning

For gentle cleaning, start with a simple water rinse using a soft sponge and gently scrub the surface. If the stain remains then try using some neutral detergents diluted with water. The dust & dirt particles on an ACP exterior claddingcan be easily washed off with water.

You can use any detergent that can be diluted with water and has a pH level of 8. To finish off, you should wash it with clean water and then dry it off with a non-abrasive cotton cloth. It must be noted that the ACP panel should be cleaned in optimum temperature when it’s not too cold or too hot because extreme temperatures can make the surface dry quickly and the dirt might reappear in no time.

What not to do

ACP Sheet Panels are coated with paints which can come off if some harsh cleaning substance such as MFK based cleaning agents is used to clean the surface. Therefore, to prevent paint fading, it is strictly advised not to use caustic soda, potassium hydroxide or abrasive scouring mixtures to clean ACP panels.

Before you wash large surface area, it’s better to do a test on a small piece to make sure it is safe and efficient. Also, cleaning must be carried out from top to bottom followed by proper rinsing with water to ensure removal of cleansing agents.

By following this simple guide, you can easily take care of the ACP sheets and make sure that your exterior or facade will always look eye-catching for several years.

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