5 Major Uses of Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panel, popularly known as ACP in India is becoming one of the most popular building materials owing to its diverse applications and enduring qualities. Aluminium composite panel sheet in India is gaining its importance in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required.

Here are some of the major applications of ACP’s:

  1. External Cladding – As Aluminium Composite Panels offer high rigidity and are light in weight, they are frequently used for cladding of building facades. The major companies who are into aluminium composite panel sheets supply offer ACP’s in different colours and textures; thus, making them aesthetically no less than other traditional materials used for cladding.
  1. False Ceilings – Aluminium composite panels are highly flexible. They can be easily moulded into different shapes by bending, cutting and punching. Their smooth texture gives amazing finish thus making them an apt choice while making false ceilings and partions.
  1. Displays & Signage – Owing to its flexible nature and a wide variety of colours and types in which they are available; Aluminium Composite Panels are ideal for making displays, sign boards, and advertising panels.
  1. Backing Material For Mounting Fine Art – Wondering how to protect the photographs and arts from bending or wrinkling? Mount it on ACP. The durable yet light weight and easy to maintain material is perfect to cater this requirement.
  1. Decorations – Strength, Flexibility, Durability, and Variety – All of this and more makes aluminium composite panels most preferred choice when it comes to designing the residential or commercial interiors. Their clean and smooth finish is sure to give a classy and elegant look to your home and offices; you can be as creative as you want and explore various designs and colour combinations. If the standard offering isn’t working, you can also get custom made ACP to suit your technical and aesthetical requirements.

Aren’t ACP’s the ideal solution for next gen construction? Share your views.

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