ACP sheets safeguarding your home from fire

Any perfect construction material should have two main characteristics. In the first place, it must be light in weight and secondly, it should have the ability to be used with ease.

With the introduction of aluminium the two points could be easily taken care of. For the best exterior cladding material, aluminium composite panels in India were launched.

These are 2 aluminium panels with a core in between, which is made of either polyethylene or mineral compounds for holding them together.

Apart from external use, aluminium panel sheet can be used for interior designing too.

Aluminium composite panels are best to protect the buildings from any kind of damage like fire, harsh weather conditions as well as uncertain damage.

One of the most trusted and reputed aluminium composite panel manufacturer, Eurobond promises that in comparison to any other cladding materials, ACPs (aluminium composite panels) are much lighter in weight.

These are some very important reasons to choose aluminium composite panels by Eurobond:

Most experienced: Eurobond is one of the most reputed and leading companies in the manufacturing of aluminum panel sheet as well as aluminum composite panels in India, over a decade now.

Over a period Eurobond has produced a wide range of products including FR/ Fire Retardant ACP Panels, Wooden Texture Aluminum Panel, Solid Aluminum Composite Sheet, Marble Finish Aluminum Panel and many more.


Safeguarding your home from fire:

ACPs are best known for their fire resistance capability. The fire retardant ACP panels have mineral core in the ratio of 70:30 and 90:10 with 70% and 90% being inorganic materials like Magnesium Hydroxide and Calcium Hydroxide. These panels emit low toxic smoke, do not spread the flames and are self-extinguishing. Reputed labs like Thomas Bell Wright and Exova have tested and certified the fire behavior of the fire resistant Eurobond panels


Too economical: Eurobond aluminium panel sheet is one of the most economical cladding materials available in the stores. Also, the installation cost of ACP is much lesser compared to other similar materials.

The best part is, it is not only low in initial cost but even has long-lasting durability; a very good option for all kinds of interior as well as exterior cladding.


Aluminum panels are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors: Eurobond offers aluminium panels in many sizes and shapes.

These panels are suitable for shearing, cutting, bending, drilling, punching, and profiling.

Though these sheets come in various sizes and shapes but they can be cut as per the user’s requirement.

Again they come in a number of different standard colours but a matching colour option is also possible, in order to match the colour of your structure or project image.


Aluminum is a good corrosion resistant: Aluminium composites and materials are pre-heated; it means that they have a protective coating that keeps them resistant from any corrosion.

 The reason is that aluminium when exposed to air; it creates a thin layer of aluminium oxide, which helps in aluminium facades corrosion defiant.

Therefore, it is quite clear that by installing aluminium panel sheet, you will not only be saving money but also safeguarding your home from fire and other drastic weather changes.

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