Aluminium as a metal is utilised for various applications in building and construction today. Be it for window frames, glazed structures, rolling blinds, doors, roofing etc. Aluminium Composite Panels and metal composite panels are used for interior and exterior cladding, wall panels, partitions and much more. Structures like ladders, offshore quarters, decks of helicopter etc are also made of aluminium; thus increasing demand for aluminium panel sheets supply worldwide.

Following are some of the ways how aluminium brings forth several benefits:

  1. Design flexibility – Aluminium composite panels and sheets can be manufactured flat, curved, shaped into cassettes, or even sandwiched with other materials. Also, it can be drilled, bent welded and screwed. This allows designers to integrate these metal composite panels into various functions.
  2. Wide choice of surface finishes – Aluminium can be painted in any colour, to any optical effect, using any number of surface touches. Mirror finish aluminium panel, Brush finish aluminium panel, glossy finish aluminium panel are some of the latest options available in market meeting designer’s decorative needs.
  3. High reflectivity – This characteristic of aluminium makes it an efficient material for light management. Aluminium shading devices can be used to reduce air conditioning requirements. Also, they can be used for artificial lighting and heating during the summers.
  4. Environmentally Safe – Several studies show that aluminium building products are non-hazardous for people as well as the surrounding. The alloys used, surface treatments of ACP’s are neutral in nature and thus have no negative implications either in the indoor or outdoor surrounding.
  5. Fire proof – Aluminium is non-combustible material. Typically the aluminium alloys will melt not below 650 degree C; also, when they burn they do not release any harmful gasses. Roofs in Industrial units and external walls are increasingly being made of aluminium cladding panels, thereby intending to increase the escape time in an event of fire and minimising the damage to the property.
  6. Low maintenance – Apart from routine cleaning for maintaining well aesthetics aluminium panels do not require any maintenance. This results in major cost saving and long life of the product.
  7. Durability – Aluminium panel sheets are made using alloys that are weatherproof and corrosion-resistant. They also dilute the effects of harmful UV rays of sun. Thus, they are highly durable and can sustain wear and tear for long time.

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