Aluminium Composite Panels: A cost-effective building material

ACP or Aluminium Composite Panels are composites that have layers of aluminium sheets with a polyethylene core sandwiched in between. Extensively being used as a building material, the ACP sheets are considered the most cost-effective solution when compared to other wall covering options like paints.


ACP sheets come in a variety of designs, colours, textures and types. The cost of each of these variants is different. The choice of the ideal sheet depends upon your preference and your budget. The ACP sheet price also differs based on the quality and brand that you are buying.


The ACP sheet price in India can be as low as Rs. 50 per square feet with the upper limits differing. This is very low as compared to getting the building painted. Some people may argue that painting a building is cheaper than any other coverage options, especially installing the ACP sheets. But when the evaluated based on the maintenance cost and frequency of change required, the cost of repairs and replacement that would be required in case of damages caused to the paint coatings by inclement weather will be much higher; therefore making the ACP sheets more cost-effective in long run.


Features of ACP Sheets

The ACP sheets prove to be a cost-effective solution vs. other materials because it is fire resistant, weather resistant and does not require any maintenance. Once installed, it stays in its place unless you remove/replace it as a part of building renovations.


Besides being cheap, the ACP sheets protect the building from any damages by rain or sun. The moisture and water are kept out of the building exteriors, negating the growth of any mould and mildew, something very common with paints.


Repairs arising due to the moisture in walls can be extensive and building owners can avoid this by installing ACP sheets. Moreover, the look and aesthetics of the building can be maintained in an easy and simple manner while you will have to get the building repainted after every 2 years to ensure appeal.


Eurobond is a leading name when it comes to reliable ACP sheet manufacturer in India. It produces some of the best variants of ACP sheets and offers them at very competitive prices. Individual dealers in various cities can be contacted for the available varieties and their prices. Based on your requirement and your budget, Eurobond offers a wide and the best variety of the ACP sheets. You can even consult Eurobond dealers for the best variants suitable for your specific project.

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