Aluminium Core Composite Panel – It’s a Eurobond Thing

Eurobond – Leading the next generation

Eurobond, the leader of the ACP industry, works to modernise the building materials in India.The ACP produced by Eurobond has many desirable features like flexibility, durability, cost-effectiveness, easy installation and maintenance. These ACPs accentuate the beauty of the buildings while making them foolproof, and are available in a wide and best variety. For 19 years, Eurobond is catering the needs of the construction industry and has been delivering superior quality Aluminium Composite Panels across India for different industries. With its hi-tech manufacturing facility at Umbergaon, Eurobond produces ACPs with a 7-10 years warranty, which helps in building trust and confidence in the brand.

With a network of 100+ distributors and 10+ depots, Eurobond has a PAN India presence along with a huge global clientele base.By focusing on continuous improvement and excellence, Eurobond has been able to attract eminent brands as their client from both government and private sectors. Some of the big names include – ESSAR, 3M, LIC, Bharat Petroleum, BMW, CIDCO, NIKE, etc.

To modernise the construction industry, Eurobond has come up with ‘Aluminium Core Composite Panel’. This futuristic panel has transformed the standard of the construction industry.

Aluminium Core Composite Panel – The revolution in the construction industry

Aluminium Core Composite Panel or ACCP is a revolution in the ACP industry, with the innovation in the core technology. The combustible core of the Aluminium Composite Panel has been replaced with a non-combustible pure aluminium core to develop superior and stronger panels. With its cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Eurobond has developed Aluminium Core Composite Panel to eliminate the drawback of conventional FR ACP. These newly conceptualised panels are stronger, lighter, fire-resistant and easy to install.

The 4S of ACCP make it a perfect choice for buildings.

Safety:ACCP’s first ‘S’ is the ‘Fire Safety’ that it provides to the buildings, making them foolproof and safe.The non-combustible corrugated core of ACCP prevents the spread of fireand toxic smokeaccumulation,which enables safer evacuation thereby, helps in saving more life and property.

Style:The second ‘S’ of ACCP is ‘Style’ that it provides to the buildings. There are 300+ designs in 16 product ranges to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the building. Along withthe warranty of 10 years, it is weather-resistant and UV-resistant, thus, keeps the beauty of the building intact for a longer period.

Strength:The Third ‘S’ of ACCP is ‘Strength’ that it provides to buildings, especially high-rise buildings. The ACCP has been developed using modern technology to create a solution for modern structures. These ACCPs have features likestrength, lightweight, easy installation and maintenance,weather-resistant and formability, making themideal for diverse applications.

Sustainable:The fourth ‘S’ of ACCP is ‘Sustainable’ that these panels are.ACCP is made of Alloy 3003,making these panels fully recyclableand sustainable. Adopting eco-friendly solution is the need of the hour, and ACCP is one such sustainable solution in the construction industry.

Eurobond has transformed the construction industry by introducing Aluminium Core Composite Panels that is stronger, sustainable and cost-effective.

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