Aluminium Honeycomb Panel – Easy to install, easier to maintain.

Eurobond is passionate about delivering the best and innovative products to its consumers. And in this endeavour, it keeps coming up with trailblazing products, and one such product is the Aluminium Honeycomb Panel (AHP). Eurobond can claim to be the pioneer of Aluminium Honeycomb Panel in the Indian construction industry.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel has revolutionized the world of façade because of the various advantages it provides. The most exceptional feature of this panel is its core, which makes it an extraordinary panel. It is a sandwich panel with a honeycomb structure at its core. The unique structure of this panel is inspired by a natural hexagonal honeycomb. Owing to the structure, the panel is lighter and has increased stiffness and stability. By offering a 15-year warranty, this panel has become the first choice of architects, planners, and designers in India. With over 300 designs across 16 product ranges to choose from, Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is extensively used to accentuate the interior and exterior of the structure.

Easy and hassle-free Installation.

The structural advantage of the panel makes it an even more preferred one. The installation process of the Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is quite easy and hassle-free.

There are various ways to process the panels like cutting, drilling holes, making slots, edge rounding, etc. The Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is manufactured using Aluminium Alloy 3003 which provides good cold formability to the panels. It can also be folded in multiple ways which makes the installation process easy. Since the honeycomb-shaped hollow spaces in the core make the panel lightweight, it can be effortlessly installed in high-rise structures. This unique core also increases the sheer strength of the panel. These panels are high in strength and light in weight which make them ideal for kinetic facades.

A low-maintenance panel.

When it comes to maintenance, there is nothing like an Aluminium Honeycomb Panel. It is a low-maintenance panel, which requires pretty simple and easy ways of cleaning.

The use of Aluminium Alloy 3003 is responsible for providing good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, making it impact-resistant and durable.

Aluminium Honeycomb Panel comes with PVDF coating. The use of this high-grade coating ensures reliable and durable panels. The superior quality coating helps the panels to maintain their colour and gloss even in harsh weather conditions. The panel has superior dirt and scratch resistance and anti-fading properties because of the high-grade PVDF coating that Eurobond uses on its panels. These panels are weatherproof, UV resistant, waterproof, and dust-proof. To keep it shiny and fresh, one just needs to clean it with plain water or mild solution, once a year.

The installation and maintenance of these long-lasting AHP are easy and simple, making them an ideal choice for all kinds of structures.

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