Aluminium makes buildings energy efficient.

Aluminium being flexible, durable, strong and weatherproof is new choice of designers, builders and contractors for installations in interior and exterior of structures. Apart from all these qualities, Aluminium also contributes in energy saving. Here’s how:

  1. Natural lighting – Aluminium composite panels and glass used together ensure good flow of natural lighting in buildings. In blocks, rooms or spaces where there are no windows or sources of natural light to come in, aluminium light channels can assist in bringing natural light from the roof straight down to the darkest locations. This is beneficial for comfort and well being of occupants and also reduces the need of artificial lighting; thus, contributing significantly to the energy and cost efficiency.


  1. Optimizing heating – During winters when heating and maintaining ambient room temperature is essential, Aluminium panel sheets supply are what you need. These ACPs are insulated surfaces which achieve high solar gain. They also maximise the transparent areas of windows through the slender frames. Using aluminium shutters in winters also assists in limiting the heat losses during night. Insulation on Aluminium Composite panels and foils of Aluminium also protect materials from the inner side, and act as a barrier to moisture, gas and light. All this results in making the structure energy efficient.


  1. Optimizing cooling – In warm/hot seasons, heat absorbing needs to be minimised in order to achieve ambient room temperature for occupants. Thus, it is then crucial to design the structures, shutters, windows and shading devices accordingly such that they are capable of optimising the solar energy according to the seasons. For instance, a double skin facade can be designed to reduce solar absorption, using its external layer installed in the cavity. Ventilated claddings made of metal composite panels and using aluminium panel sheets supply reflect solar radiation and ensures natural ventilation, thus reducing the amount of Heat absorbed by buildings in hot weather.


  1. Smart Building Facades – Smart facades and layouts made using aluminium systems can reduce energy consumption in buildings by up to 50%. The key feature of these buildings is their optimized interaction with the exterior, which remarkably reduces heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting demands throughout different seasons. This smartness in structures is achieved through using various techniques and processes, for instance photovoltaics.

Thus, we can conclude that Aluminium composite panel is one of the most innovative metal composite panels and plays a significant role in making buildings energy efficient and sustainable. The versatility ACP’s offer makes it easy to upgrade and maintain existing buildings and also contributes in cost efficient restoration of old structures and buildings.

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