Apollo Tyres Factory

Eurobond- Driving the road to success.

Apollo Tyres Limited, the leading tyre manufacturing company of India, was established in 1972 and is driven India’s progress with its presence in more than 100 countries across the globe. With a global workforce of 19,000 employees, this company has become a well-known name by delivering world-class products. Apollo Tyres Limited wanted to freshen up its brand identity and was looking for a suitable partner.

Eurobond is a prominent name in the construction industry and was selected by Apollo Tyres Limited for its Pan India retail visual identity. As the company is known for manufacturing ultra-modern and stylish products, Eurobond has become a favourite name for every leading brand. Eurobond’s continuous improvements make its products cutting-edge and the most preferred facade brand in the construction industry.

The panels of Eurobond have been used for the Apollo Plant in Limda to create visually appealing and functional structures. The sleek and stylish panels of the brand have uplifted the look of the project to a remarkable extent. Eurobond has truly revolutionised the world of façade with its trailblazing ACPs.

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