Applications of ACP panels

ACP panels or the Aluminum Composite Panels are actually sandwich panels that have three layers. The outer layers are thin-skinned layers covering a core. The sandwich panels are used in applications where there is a requirement of low weight material and high structural rigidity.

The ACP panel is an example of a sandwich panel. It has the core made of LDPE (Low Density Polythelene) with aluminium alloy 3003 layers on the outside. The thickness of the layers may vary as differently weighted panels are used for different purposes.

Aluminium composite panels in India have become highly popular due to their versatility. These panels can be used in so many different ways that there is no end to the type of patterns, finishes, colours and textures that are now available.

Here are the applications where the ACP sheets are being used:

Cladding: Externally covering the building with a material is referred to as cladding. Before the advent of the ACP, paint was mainly the material that was used to give aesthetics to a building façade. Now with the ACP sheets available, the reliance on paint for building façade has gone down. ACP sheets are highly popular as cladding material because they are light in weight, easy to install, are weather resistant, pollution and corrosion resistant, fireproof and easy to maintain.

For Home Interiors: ACP sheets are highly popular as home interior material. They are being used in home kitchens for cabinets and trolleys. Many homeowners have also used the sheets in their bathroom ceilings as part of the false ceiling. Many enthusiastic homeowners have also used the aluminium panels on their wardrobes.

For commercial spaces: commercially ACP sheets have much higher usage. They are not only used for the exteriors but also for signage and display panels. Logos and letters too are carved out of these sheets giving a very nice look to the nameplate. Offices are using the aluminium composite panels as partition and on the columns and beams.

Therefore, it can be seen that the aluminium composite panels have found several applications. Durability, easy installation, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness and safety are some features that have made these sheets highly popular in India.

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