Benefits of ACP Panels for your homes

Every time a house is built, it’s the builders’ duty to find the best construction material that benefits the house in physical as well as aesthetic aspects. With so many on-going trends, there is a multitude of options available for builders. However, Aluminium Composite panel seems to be the most preferred choice to construct a structure that people love.

Aluminium composite panel or ACP Sheet are sandwich panels made out of aluminium sheets on both sides, bonded by a core in the middle, known as polyethylene or mineral core. ACPs are extensively used as cladding materials in modern architecture.

Earlier, ACP Sheet was predominantly used for IT Hubs, hospitals, malls and other commercial buildings and had limited colours and finishes. However, over the years, the material has evolved and a lot of finishes and textures have been introduced. And now, ACPs are seen as a favourable material for building or renovating houses due to the many benefits it offers.

Easy to install

ACP cladding is known to be quite easy. Be it exterior or interior space, these panels can be installed without any hassle regardless of whether it’s a construction of a new house or renovation of the old one. For this reason, ACP is considered to be a friendly product.


Whatever may be the construction material, the first thing we want from any product is for it to last long. And ACPs meet that expectation. They are known to be extremely durable and are weather and strain proof. They can even act as sound barriers by preventing external noise from entering your house.

Also, the shapes and size of the panels remain uninhibited – be it any climatic conditions. And that’s what makes them a durable and long-lasting material. Eurobond also provides a 7 and 10 year warranty for their ACP sheets.

Low maintenance

People love one-time investments. Any product or material that requires constant maintenance is not worth having. This is where ACP sheets shine as they demand very low to no maintenance and allow a seamless experience. All you have to do is wipe them with a clean cloth and get rid of the accumulated dust.


With the aforementioned benefits, you might think that the ACP sheet price must be steep. But on the contrary, ACPs are affordable and cost-effective. Also, ACPs are known to cut down the external heat and keep the interiors cool – saving a considerable expense on energy as well. Due to their cost-efficient quality, ACPs are popular amongst architectures and builders.

Fire protection

No place is like home and naturally, protecting your home from any unforeseen accident is crucial. It all comes down to picking the right material that prevents hazards like fire, and thankfully, there are fire resistant ACPs for the rescue. Eurobond, one of the Top 10 ACP sheet brands in India has fire-retardant ACPs that are made with a fireproof core of mineral compounds with two layers of aluminium over the core. This gives them exceptional resistance to fire and therefore are an excellent choice for protecting your home.

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Aluminium composite panels offer a safer, more economical option to traditional cladding materials. So, whether you’re renovating your home or constructing from the ground up, ACPs are the way to go.

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