Build a protected environment – Fire Retardant ACP

Today’s construction is all about aesthetics and modern architecture. Cities are bustling with high rise towers and skyscrapers with all new age features and amenities; but how well do we pay attention for the safety? With FR/ Fire Retardant ACP, you can maintain high aesthetic value without compromising on safety.

Demand of Aluminium composite panel sheet in India is rising not only because of its features like durability, strength, and flexibility but also because of its fire retardant properties. FR ACP is composed of fire resistant mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of selected thickness of architectural aluminium skin of engineered alloys such as 3003 / 5005 with Kynar 500(PVDF) lacquered surface on front and service coated on rear. These ACP’s are very tough and weatherproof and, above all, do not actively contribute to combustion in fire. Also, just like any other aluminium composite panel sheets, FR panels can be customized as per required finishes and colours.

Euro Panel Products Pvt Ltd, is one of the leaders in manufacturing of Aluminium Composite Panels, and has come up with a range of Fire retardant ACP. These FR panels carry the look and feel of any aluminium composite panel be it mirror finish, glossy finish, or wooden texture. These panels are high on aesthetics and ensure fire protection by inhibiting toxic fumes and flames from spreading.

As compared to any other material available for construction of the exteriors and interiors like plywood, tiles, stone etc. Fire retardant ACP are easy to work, they are easy to install and easy to maintain. Owing to these qualities, FR panels are becoming the new favourite among the architects, builders and interior designers. Architects and interior designers can experiment with new designs and looks while ensuring safety of the premise.

So, whether it’s about catering B2B project, residential, or commercial, you will be able to make your premise safer with these Fire retardant ACP without compromising on the aesthetics of your home and building. Know more about them on

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