Building Material for Small Homes

We live in the age of instant gratifications and ready-made things however; building our house from scratch shall be a exciting thought to most of us. Though the idea can be quite intimidating, especially when one starts factoring in the associated costs; when there’s a will there is certainly a way. Starting from the start, opting for cheaper building materials would definitely make more sense if you’re on a tight budget. Here’s a list of 5 perfect material choices to help you construct a small-scale home irrespective of whether you opt for a rustic, modern, country or contemporary theme, the options will come across as the material’s of your dreams and budget.

  1. Prefabricated Material – Prefabricated houses are made off-site and simply constructed on the desired spot. Using them is simple, fast, and comparatively cheap.
  2. Concrete Sheets – When you are in hurry to erect your house structure, concrete sheets can be the fast and easy resort. Since concrete as a material is very prized, you can leave those panels completely bare for a unique and stylish look.
  3. Aluminium Composite Panels – Popularly known as ACP in India are one of the most versatile metal composite panels. You can select the colour, texture, look and more and customize them to achieve your desired design. The panels are easy to install, durable and require minimal maintenance. Thus they prove to be one of the most cost effective building materials in long run.
  4. Red Bricks – There’s a reason why so many brick structures exist; They certainly have charm of their own. This material has stood test of times and really works. The texture, the beauty and aesthetic appeal it ensures have an attention grabbing effect. There’s no doubt that it still continues to be a reliable budget friendly building material.
  5. Bamboo – Pleasing and attractive to eyes, this natural material, is very easy to use. Bamboo has been used to build homes since quite long time. This reaffirms the fact that it is definitely a good choice for modern day constructions as well.

If you decide to build your house, which would be the most preferred material? Do share with us.

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