Causes of Fire and Prevention Measures for Workplaces.

There are several fire breakouts at workplaces across the country every year resulting in serious damage to property and even injury and death. There are a variety of reasons why these fires break out, although many occurrences are due to negligence and are preventable if more precautions are taken. Although each working environment is different, here are some common causes of fire break outs at workplace:

  1. Faulty Electric wirings are a very common cause of fire breakouts. It includes loose wires and faulty equipment.
  2. Having flammable or combustible materials in office premises. Such materials/belongings spell danger for your staff and your business.
  3. Manual/ Human Error represents a common cause of fires in the workplace. It can be the incorrect use of electrical equipment, burning food or leaving cooking unattended in the staff kitchen.
  4. Negligence may not seem different from human error but tends to be the result of careless behaviour, or not following rules, regulation or correct procedures, for instance covering the machinery and equipment which requires venting thus causing overheating, not correctly disposing of cigarette ends, incorrectly storing flammable items etc.
  5. Arson is a common cause of fire around business premises. If there are no fire fighting mechanisms in place, the fire can spread rapidly and cause severe damage to life and property.

To prevent consequences of fire, here are something’s that can be done:

  1. To start with basic, in office construction and interiors Fire retardant panels or FR Panels made of Aluminium can be used. These metal composite panels prevent spread of fire and gives window to escape in an adverse event.
  2. Employer needs to ensure that electrical equipment are checked and maintained periodically.
  3. Every company should prioritise fire safety when undertaking risk assessments especially if there are any flammable or combustible materials stored in the premises.
  4. Fire safety training should be imparted to all the staff members.
  5. Work places should install fire alarms and sprinkler systems to protect their property as far as possible
  6. CCTV and gating can deter potential vandals to avoid arson as cause of fire.

Share with us if you if you are aware any additional potential threats or precautions that can assist in fire prevention at work places.

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