Comparison of PET film, PE coating, HDP coating, PVDF coating and FEVE coating

Aluminium composite panels or ACP sheets exhibit remarkable properties of fire resistance and others suitable for building structures that are sturdy as well as beautiful. These are further strengthened with the help of various coatings. These coatings have some unique features. Some are meant to impart added thermal resistance to material, while others can protect from rust and moisture, etc. Explained here some of the popular coatings used for making building materials.

1.PET film

PET or polyethylene terephthalate is known to be quite a sturdy coating for plastic material. Its shine is certainly outstanding and so are its functions. This film offers advantages of thermal insulation and resistance, clarity of looks, resistance to high temperatures, electrical insulation, and above all, high tensile strength. Thus, PET film or PET coating can increase the life of any building material by many years and keep it new and fresh. It certainly contributes to the safety of the building because of its high resistance to heat and electricity.

2.PE coating

PE coating offers ample protection from moisture. It is a widely used plastic material that is developed in a large number of varieties such as HDPE, LDPE, EVOH and so on. The areas of application of each of these are quite different from others. Manufacturers of aluminium composite panels in India use PE coating to provide this added resistance to corrosion. PE coating on ACP imparts it added strength without adding to its weight. The ease of maintenance, weather resistance, sound insulation, good fire prevention, and shock resistance are some of the benefits that one enjoys with the use of PE coating.

3.HDP coating

HDP or high-density polyethylene coating offers high density and abrasion and heat resistance to the structure is applied. It is applied on aluminium composite panel when this building material is used for making pipes or water decks exposed to water and moisture. This coating is also used to make the structure significantly resistant to mildew growth. Wall claddings are the ideal applications of HDP coating as these do not pick up dirt easily and thus, helps achieve cleaner walls with little maintenance. Thus, HDP coating is quite beneficial for structures used in interiors mostly.

4.PVDF coating

PVDF coating stands for polyvinylidene fluoride coating. It is composed of non-reactive polymer known as thermoplastic fluoropolymer that offers dielectric strength to metallic surfaces. This coating is quite popular as metal coating and is applied on those surfaces made of steel and aluminium that are employed in structures facing harsh weather conditions. This coating is considered the most durable of all.

5.FEVE coating

FEVE is other fluoropolymer based resins that are used to coat glass and metallic surfaces. Its low permeability to oxygen and water offers the surfaces added resistance to moisture allowing the makers to develop more durable structures. It is considered better than PVDF coating because of its superior functionality. With the help of FEVE coating, the structures like roofs, doors, handrails, poles, etc. can perform better and make the various components of building quite weather-resistant.

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