Euramax – Interesting Facts about Zinc Finish ACPs

Zinc, Copper, Aluminium, Steel are some of the popularly used metals not only in construction but also in décor of a building.

Roofing sheets, cladding of exterior & interior wall, false-ceilings, decorative wall panels are some of the areas in which metal has replaced wood, stone, and more classic materials.

Gold, Silver, Zinc, Bronze, Copper, Brass finish in ACPs is even more fascinating with its majestic looks.

But what is Zinc Finish AluminiumComposite Panel?

Zinc ACP is a multilayered panel made up of two aluminiumsheets with a composite core. It is 0.5 mm thick and thermo-glued on either side of a LDPE core for optimum reaction to fire.

What are the advantages of using zinc composite panels?

  • Zinc finish ACP Panels adds awe-inspiring looks to both interiors and exteriors instantly.
  • Zincfinish ACP are flexible, easy to bend, strong and hence are the choice for architects and designers
  • Zinc finish ACP is weather-resistant
  • Zinc finish ACPis available in fire-retardant sheets
  • Zinc finish ACPis very environmentally friendly that can be reused and is 100 percent recyclable metal.

Why should you use zinc composite panels?

  • Zinc finish aluminiumcomposite panels is aesthetically pleasing
  • Building facades, building elevation designs, exterior wall paneling, roofing, cladding, etc. are some of the areas for application of Zinc finish aluminiumcomposite panels
  • Zinc finish acp sheets are easier to install and manage. It does not require special and expensive machinery that are usually required for cutting and grooving.
  • It has low maintenance cost and can be easily done with the help of washing and cleaning
  • Zinc finish acppanels are long lasting and beneficial alternative for building cladding.
  • While delivering extraordinary style, these ACP Panels are frire-retardant also. It restricts fire spread, no smoke and toxic fumes are released which is the main cause of deaths in an fire accident.

The architectural appeal is continually growing for this material. Zinc ACP is more than a piece of panel; it comes with assurity of adding beauty at a cost-effective price & is environmentally friendly at the same time. Choose your colour and texture in to suit your design and application. For more details on the product, visit the company website http://

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