Euramax and Eurobond – The Association of World Leaders

In a collaboration, businesses come together regardless of their size or industry to contribute their expertise for the benefit of a shared objective, project, or mission. The collaboration of European designs with India’s most trusted brand in ACPs has opened up new channels of communication andglobal markets. This partnership of technical know-how and determination to revolutionise the ACP industryhas resulted insome groundbreakingproducts for the construction industry.

European Technology for Indian buildings

The collaboration of Euramax and Eurobondhas changed the Indian construction industry. Eurobond has been an undisputed leader in manufacturing and supplying Aluminium Composite Panels across the country. Under the flagship of Euro Panel Products Pvt. Ltd., Eurobond has raised the bar of excellence by providing superior ACPs and innovative metal composite panels for various industries, including residential and commercial buildings. An established brand for 19 years, Eurobond is headquartered in Mumbai and has a Pan India presence. Its factory at Umergaon efficiently caters to a global clientele with an installed capacity of producing 20,000 sq. metres of ACPs daily. The company works to improve the quality and standards of the construction industry.In the endeavour to keep developing new products, it undertakes various initiatives,and one such is the collaboration with Euramax. Europe’s leading coil manufacturing company,Euramax is known for manufacturing and supplying premium coil-coated aluminium worldwide for more than 50 years. Eurobond has partnered with this world leader to make available world-class ACPs for Indian buildings and spaces.

The partnership of Euramax and Eurobond has resulted in cutting-edge ACPs to create world-class architectures in India, both in terms of functionality and style. By using European craftsmanship and technology, an exclusive range of ACPs has been developed. With more than 10,000+ product range, the global designs and textures have reinvented the concept of ACPs in the construction industry.

The products from this partnership:

  • Timeless Designs Series: The series comprises the richness of natural finishes to increase the aesthetic look and feel of the structure. This dirt and scratch resistant ACPs have multiple applications.

A different range that gives an array of choices – The Elegant Carbon Range, The True Touch Range, The Nature’s Brush Range, The Magnificent Metal Range, and The Classic Solid Range.

  • Glamourous Jewels Series:This series includes ACPs with a 20-year warranty; it has a gamut of colours for glamourous interior and exteriors. The series comes in Plated series and Polished series.
  • Authentic Textures Series: This series includes authentic textures refined using European technologyto add the beauty of rustic textures to the spaces. 

It comes in two designs -Rough Textures and Fine Textures.

  • Zinc Reinvented Series: This series comes with weathering aesthetics of real zinc and the intrinsic benefit of aluminium. This low weight ACP is a combination of both beauty and longevity.

Eurobond’s partnership with Euramax provides access to new skills and technologies along with entry to global markets. This association of world leaders has created one-of-a-kind products for Indian skylines.

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