Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels

Eurobond, a brand of Euro Panel Products Pvt Ltd., a company based in India is a reputed name in the construction industry. Known for its premium quality ACP in India, Eurobond comes across as a leader in manufacturing and supplying aluminium composite panels globally. It boasts the state-of-the-art facility and has capacity to produce 10000 Sq meters of ACP every day. Eurobond is also equipped to cater any specific requirements from the customer in terms of length or design. Using Alloy 3003 as a part of their manufacturing process, Eurobond ACP have comparatively longer life span and durability.

Eurobond along with being known for its supreme quality, is also well known for the variety of finishes, textures, colours, and sizes of ACP’s that it offers. Some of the prime product categories offered are:

  1. Marble Finish Aluminium Panel – Eurobond’s marble finish panels give an effect and finish of marble but with features of ACP. The marble finish panels are used widely in decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen, balconies, etc.
  2. Sparkle Finish Aluminium Panel – Eurobond’s sparkle finish panels have a sparkling texture on surface which enhances the beauty of interiors. This range is available in various colours to choose from and are well accepted by interior designers.
  3. Wood Texture Finish Aluminium Panel – Eurobond’s wood texture finish panels are made in compliance with international standards. They give flawless finish and durability which makes them perfect choice for commercial as well as residential projects.
  4. Brush Finish Aluminium Panel – Eurobond’s brush finish panels provide exquisite look to the exteriors. It’s finish commands a non-regular look and gives a classy appeal to projects. The surface of the front aluminium is brush finish, which mainly comes in two shades -Red Wine Brush Finish Aluminium Panel and Gold Brush Aluminium Panel.

And more…

Some of the key features of Aluminium Composite Panels are as below:

  1. Easy installation – Eurobond ACP’s are light weight and can be easily processed using simple tools.
  2. Weather Resistance – Eurobond ACP’s are coated with 26 um fluoro-carbon (PVDF) resin, which provides resistance from harmful UV Rays.
  3. Easy Maintenance – Eurobond ACP’s are very low on maintenance. The cleaning process can be done using natural cleanser and water. This results in great cost savings and makes them cost effective in long run.

Thus, to give a classy, rich and modern appeal to your interiors and exteriors, Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels are the perfect choice. Know more about them on

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