Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels

Eurobond is the brand from the house of Euro Panel Products Pvt Ltd. The company is based in India having headquarters at Mumbai. It is a leader in manufacturing and supplying Aluminium Composite Panels worldwide. Eurobond has manufacturing facility at Umergaon. The state-of-the-art facility has capacity to produce 10000 Sq meters of Aluminium Composite Panels supply every day.

Eurobond website showcases a wide range of ACP. These panels come in variety of colours, textures, materials, and designs. Eurobond is also equipped to cater any specific requirements from the customer in terms of length or design. Eurobond uses Alloy 3003 as a part of their manufacturing process which ensures the durability and increases life span of the Aluminium Composite Panels.

Some of the key features of Aluminium Composite Panels are as below:

  1. Easy installation – Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels are light in weight and all the processes like cutting, milling, bending etc can be done by simple tools
  2. Weather Resistance – They are coated with 26 um fluoro-carbon (PVDF) resin, which features resistance from alkali and ultraviolet light.
  3. Even Coating – An even and smooth finish to the panel gives the interiors and exteriors an elegant and clean look. This gives your property a modern and aesthetic appeal.
  4. Easy Maintenance – They are very easy to clean and maintain. The cleaning process can be done using natural cleanser and water. This results in great cost savings.
  5. Fireproof – The core layer of Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panel is manufactured with Anti toxic polyethylene core materials which have combustion resistance property. Also, the two surface layers of Aluminium are difficult to burn. This makes the panels fireproof.

Thus, to give a classy, rich and modern appeal to your interiors and exteriors, Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels are the perfect choice.

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