Eurobond Blog – High-pressure laminate boards putting you under pressure

Whether you are an architect or a construction contractor, there’s one question always putting pressure on one’s mind. Which is the better option? High-pressure laminate boards or Aluminium High-pressure laminates. 

While the answer to that is no rocket science, this article will take you through the science of it. Let’s start at the beginning – HPL Boards are made of 60-70% paper and about 30-40% thermosetting resins. They cannot be bent, curved, or shaped.

Aluminium HPLs on the other hand are made of Aluminium Alloy and recycled LDPE. They are formable. Which means they can be bent, curved and shaped.

Ask a carpenter to extract used HPL and re-use it. He will either laugh or lie. Aluminium HPLs on the other side are fully recyclable.

While we are answering questions, here’s another one – What makes low-quality HPL?

Poor resistance to scratching, impact, wear, steam, heat, stains and light are indicative of poor-quality raw materials and/or manufacturing processes employing lower pressures or temperatures and shorter heating times.

On the contrary, the aluminium HPLs, as a result of better quality manufacturing processes, are strong, durable and water resistant. A versatile product, HPL offers superior resistance against impact, abrasion and general surface wear. As its surface is impervious to water, it’s ideal for use in a range of applications. Particularly so in wet areas.

Now that it is established that AHPL is far superior to HPL. Here’s the last question – which brand to go with?

Eurobond Aluminium high-pressure laminates are waterproof, termite proof, borer proof, weather proof, scratch resistant and above all, available in fire retardant range.

The new-age innovation- Eurobond HPL ACPs.

No need to compromise with the non-flexibility, high cost and limited textures of the regular HPL boards. With the new technologically advanced HPL ACPs, you get a wide range of finishes in a variety of colours. What’s more, they are formable and so, possible to use them in different shapes. The aluminum coil on top and bottom surfaces makes them extra durable and up to 50 per cent more affordable. Eurobond’s special innovative structure providing anti-bacterial protection to its AHPL. This is microbiologically tested and uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and reduce the quantity of bacteria by 99%.

And the cherry on top is that this innovation comes to market with a 10-year warranty.

Finally, when it comes to HPL vs AHPL, the answer is Eurobond AHPL without doubt.

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