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For over a decade Eurobondacp has been a name to reckon with in the construction industry. Trusted by experts for bringing innovation and quality, Eurobond seeks to create products that inspire and build structures that impress.

  • Millenium Textiles, Surat
  • Lucknow Police Bhawan, Lucknow
  • Hetero Pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad
  • Kurnool Railway Station, Kurnool

are some from the many majestic commercial building projects in which Eurobond Aluminium Composite Panels add to the beauty .

Eurobond ACP Wall Cladding – Millenium Textiles, Surat

Surat has advanced from a small town to the way of world class business hub.

This commercial space is designed in such a way that it offers a work environment that exudes status, provides a productive and stimulating atmosphere, and inspires groundbreaking ideas. With very high emphasis on modern amenities, this structure is right up there with any of India’s other developed urban constructions in terms of aesthetics and design.

Eurobondacp – achieved some real path-breaking solutions for the design of the structure. As per the requirement a customized size of ACP sheet was manufactured contributing to the planning and management of the overall construction and building services. The aluminium composite panels details are

Size – Customized Size 5 ft X 20 ft

Eurobond Solid Series – ER 140 Cement Grey ACP

Quantity Supplied – 1,25,000 Sq.ft

Lucknow Police Bhawan in Uttarpradesh

As Asia’s largest and most modern police headquarters in the country, Lucknow Police Bhawan is a signature building project by L & T Construction, executed by the True Wall fabricators of Mumbai in 2019.

The building has 4 towers connected by a central tower. The total built up area of 1,56,000sqm houses various departments of U P Police under one roof.  

Who ever said police headquarters need not be attractive or aesthetically designed. The Lucknow Police Bhavan for instance features energy efficient terracotta cladding made of recyclable and eco-friendly material giving it distinctive façade designs with a smooth and flawless finish. The aluminium composite panels details are

Eurobond Solid Series – ER 112 – Off White (4PL FR PLUS) and

                                       ER 114 – Black 4PL FR PLUS.
Quantity Supplied – 17,000 sq.ft

Hetero Pharmaceuticals in Hyderabad

Pharmaceutical companies seldom have anything to show when it comes to design and aesthetics. With the exception of Hetero Pharma, a globally renowned vertically integrated pharmaceutical organization than can boast of it’s beautiful corporate facilities clad by –

Eurobond Solid Series – ER 109, ER 908
Grade – 4TI 
Quantity Supplied – 32,500 sq.ft

Kurnool Railway Station Project, Kurnool

Recently, Indian Railways has beautified and renovated the Kurnool City railway station in Andhra Pradesh at par with airport standards. The station façade is made with decorative wall panels of aluminium composite. Facade engineering has increasingly taken on a leading role to address the challenges in designing green buildings

Eurobondacp’s integrated aluminium composite panel solutions are designed to meet the clients’ aspiration, creating high performance facades that are dynamic, inspirational and durable.

Eurobond Solid Series – ER 109, ER 908
Grade – 4TI 
Quantity Supplied – 32500 sq.ft.

In line with its exceptionally high quality Aluminium Composite Panel range, Eurobond aims to deliver durable, gorgeous finish with varied colors & texture in acps.

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