Eurobond – The Art of Making the ACPs

An established brand for 19 years, Eurobond is the leading ACP sheet manufacturer in India. The company strives to contribute towards improving the quality and standards of the construction industry. It works to create architectural landmarks by providing international standard ACPs. The ACPs manufactured by Eurobond have high-quality features like flexibility, durability, cost-effectiveness, easy installation and maintenance. These ACPs are available in various colours, designs, textures and materials,making Eurobond the pioneer in the ACP industry.With a high-tech manufacturing unit spread on 4 acres of land, Eurobond can produce 20,000 sq. metres of ACPs every day.

The company creates cutting edge products with world-class machinery and state-of-the-art equipment. To ensure consistent quality outputs only, Eurobond applies the best testing framework to gauge testing parameters effectively. The company takes pride in having India’s best laboratory for stringent quality checks. It has more than 50 in-house tests and third-party certification to confirm the quality of each ACPs. With warranties of a gold standard standing in the industry, the company has raised the bar of excellence.

Being a high-tech, innovative and growth-orientated company, Eurobond uses Alloy 3003 as a part of the manufacturing process. The use of Alloy 3003 ensures high strength and an increase in the life of the ACP. Also, Alloy 3003 provides high impact resistance and easy maintenance. The quality procedures coupled with skilled engineering practices make Eurobond the leaders in the construction industry.

By innovation and constant improvement, Eurobond keeps coming up with a new range of ACPs to cater varied needs of the construction industry. Eurobond is motivated to improve the aesthetics, appearance and strength of the structures around us. Its main aim is to improve the standard of the construction industry in India. Over the years, Eurobond has developed a varied range of products including, Solid, Metallic, Marble, Spectra, Mirror, Sparkle, HPL, Wooden and Wooden Texture Finish Panels.

Eurobond keeps coming up with state-of-the-art products. One such innovative series of Eurobond is an exclusive range of Fire Retardant ACPs. Fire safety is a big concern in India, and to create a reliable structure, the company has launched its range of Fire Retardant ACPs. The meticulously designed Fire Retardant ACPs with a self-extinguishing mineral-filled core and the pure aluminium core helps in reducing the intensity and spread of fire. Moreover, these ACPs emit low and non-toxic smoke, facilitating safer escape routes. Eurobond offers these best-in-class quality Fire Retardant ACPs for unmatched safety at competitive prices.

Recently, Eurobond collaborated with Euramax to develop ACPs that are more efficient and innovative. Euramax is Europe’s leading coil manufacturer and supplying premium coil-coated aluminium all over the world for more than 40 years. Eurobond’s partnership with the leader of its industry will influence its course of innovation and further enhance expertise and opportunities for the company.

Eurobond’s collaboration with Euramax has resulted in one-of-a-kind products for Indian skylines. In collaboration with Euramax, Eurobond has come up with global designs and textures using European craftsmanship and technology. With a warranty of 15 years and 20 years, these superior quality ACPs comes in a 10,000+ product range.

From Eurobond, one can learn ‘The Art of Making the ACPs’. The ACPs produced by the company ensure safety, functionality, compliance and beautiful appearance. They are not just leaders in developing innovative products but also in reducing the cost of ACPs. Being the pioneer in the ACP industry, Eurobond develops customer-specific products. It provides consistent and reliable material to the construction industry, which is the perfect solution for high-class buildings.

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