Eurobond’s Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium composite panels are one of the most preferred construction materials these days. It is majorly used in exterior and interior cladding of structures. Some of the prime features of Aluminium panel sheets are:

  • Light in weight compared to traditional construction materials
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in various colours and textures
  • Weather resistant
  • Heat and sound insulation properties
  • Good smoothness and great finish

Eurobond, a brand of Euro Panel Products Pvt Ltd, is one of the most renowned names when it comes to Aluminium Composite Panel sheets supply in India. Eurobond through years of experience and expertise are equipped to deliver aluminium composite panels, of different colours, textures and specifications. Some of the major varieties they offer are:

  1. Metallic Finish ACP’s: These Aluminium Panels come with a metallic finish on the surface that gives it a feel of the Metal. They are available in various colours that give customer a wide range of choice to pick from. Metallic Finish Aluminium Panels are used in interiors as well as exteriors of residential as well as commercial buildings.
  1. Wood Finish Aluminium Panels : These Aluminium Panels come with a finish of natural wood. They are one of the best alternatives for interiors which demand the look and feel of natural wood. They are termite free, weather resistant, and corrosion resistant.
  1. Fire Retardant ACP: Their FR ACP‘s are composed of fire resistant mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of selected thickness of architectural aluminum skin of engineered alloys such as 3003 / 5005 with Kynar 500(PVDF) lacquered surface on front and service coated on rear. These ACP’s can be processed and fabricated just as any other ACPs they offer. Above all, the Fire Retardant ACP do not actively contribute to combustion in fire. Their FR ACP meets all the required regulations and are close to A2 class of fire retardant building materials.

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