Features and Utility of Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets

The aluminium panel sheet is basically two sheets of aluminium combined together to a non-aluminium core so as to form a Composite aluminium panel sheet.

The infill layer given between two aluminium composite sheets is usually polyethene and the outer layer may be further coated with PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride). The aluminium panel sheet also referred to as aluminium composite sheet, is available in numerous metallic and non-metallic colour options.

The aluminium composite sheet is invariably used for building exteriors, interior applications and signage. Aluminium panel sheet is lightweight, durable and fire resistant and hence used in most of the constructions to provide safety against fire and protection from the weather ravages.

A quality conscious aluminium composite panel manufacturer strives not only to maintain a good quality of aluminium composite sheet but also persist on creating elegant looking aluminium panel sheet in attractive colours and textures.

Where to use aluminium panel sheets?

Aluminium panel sheet, the new age material, is used for exteriors i.e. Cladding, façade, canopy, overhang and soffit etc.

The aluminium panel sheet is extremely useful in interiors like wall covering, false ceiling, cupboards, wardrobes, modular kitchens, table tops and column covers.

In addition, an aluminium composite sheet plays an important role in creating corporate identity designs such as signage, kiosks, and fascia etc.

Features of aluminium composite sheet

By virtue of a high degree of durability aluminium composite sheet has a long life and is weather and stain resistant. It serves as a barrier, allowing users the benefit of adequate soundproofing and freedom from unwanted noise.

Aluminium panel sheet grants safety from catching fire. Despite being lightweight, it has high strength and rigidity. It is virtually maintenance free and hence cost effective.

The aluminium composite sheet is easy to install and appropriate cladding solutions for both interior and exterior surfaces for new constructions and renovation of old ones.

Availability of aluminium panel sheets

Realizing qualities and increased usage of sustainable aluminium composite sheet, a customer and sales oriented aluminium composite panel manufacturer produces these sheets in various colours and textures.

Every aluminium composite panel manufacturer like Eurobond strives to produce aluminium panel sheets by giving an attractive, impressive and graceful finishing touch to them like metallic, marble, high gloss and wood texture finish.

In addition brush finish, solid finish, gold or silver mirror finish aluminium composite sheets can be ordered or purchased from ACP supplier.


In order to ensure high quality and genuineness of ACP sheets, you can buy directly from Eurobond or an authorized and accredited aluminium composite sheet supplier appointed by us.

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