Fire Resistant Panels from Eurobond

It is important that we ensure the safety of human life and their assets while designing any modern age construction structure. Whether it is fireproofing or hindering the spread of fire, EUROBOND has got the solution. Eurobond is one of the top 3 producers of ACP in India.

The product portfolio ranges from wood finish aluminum panel, glossy panels, mirror panels and more; However it is pioneer and leader in developing fire retardant panels.  We offer cutting-edge, premium quality and easy-to-use fire-retardant panels for constructing fire resistant structures. Our continuously developing technology enables us to come up with innovative products that are high on appeal as well as depict great fire resistant properties; thus becoming an apt choice for modern age construction that has to look great and be safe.

EUROBOND FR is composed of fire-resistant mineral filled core sandwiched between two skins of a selected thickness of the architectural aluminum skin of engineered alloys such as 3003 / 5005 with Kynar 500(PVDF) lacquered surface on front and service coated on the rear. Our product complies with all relevant standards and is close to the A2 class of fire retardant materials.

Just like our other aluminum composite panels, Eurobond FR panels are also tough, weatherproof, and easy to install and low on maintenance.  It is also our responsibility to associate with our customers and assist them with proper installation and maintenance guidelines to ensure the longevity of ACP’s.

Our panels find applications in residential buildings, public utility buildings, museums, theatre buildings, art galleries, corporate headquarter and offices, malls and supermarkets, car showrooms, fuel filling stations, and more.

We, at EUROBOND, consider our consumers as our utmost priority. With our innovative FR product portfolio, we desire to help to keep your fire alarms off. To know more about our products and projects, please visit

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