Fire Retardant ACP and its Uses

Imagine the worst thing that can happen to your establishment; perhaps it being subjected to natural or manmade calamity. Even with all the convenience, we have today owing to science and technology, we are still not completely safe from nature’s wrath. However in recent times, we have made some advancements which will help us avoid destruction of the property from the unfortunate incidences; in particular by fire. Fire-related disasters are the most commons ones we face/hear about. They cause significant damage to the property and lives in general. Fortunately, the solution to this lies in the variant of Aluminium Composite Panel called Fire Retardant ACP or FR Panels.

What is the difference between regular Aluminium Composite Panel and Fire Retardant Panel?

In actual, the regular ACP and fire retardant ACP are similar when it comes to functions and applications. The difference lies in the makeup of the latter. Fire retardant ACP has fire-resistant substances in its core which helps them to resist flames for a while and also control its spread.

Applications of FR Panels:

Just like other variants of ACP, Fire retardant ACP’s are strong, durable, flexible, and light in weight. Along with all these positive attributes, the additional advantage is fireproofing properties. The FR Panels are used in:

  • External claddings
  • Internal claddings
  • False ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Signage
  • Machine coverings
  • Container construction

These ACP’s are also used in decorative renovation for storey-added old buildings and making of billboards for advertisement purposes; Shop face decorating, display platforms are other few applications. As evidently guessable, these applications are for outdoor makes where the articles are subject to various environmental conditions (including extreme outdoor heat), from rain to hail to sunshine to snow and what not. This is because ACP’s are well resistant to such wear and tear.

ACP’s are also used to make wallboard and ceilings for tunnels and circular columns for external use.  Irrespective of other material options being available, Fireproof ACP remains a favourite among contractors and manufacturers because when we come down to the cost of the materials involved aluminium is much cost effective.

There are many other materials available in the market, but this material is an all-rounder in many regards. Thus, we see most of the modern age residential and commercial constructions have ACP’s installed.

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