Fire Retardant feature of Aluminum Composite Panels

Architects and building design engineers are always under stress to ensure that the materials used for building construction are safe and specifically fire resistant. Until the introduction of the aluminium composite panels, there was always contemplation regarding the materials used for the façade.

Ever since ACP’s are introduced, they are considered to be the best options for the interiors and exteriors as they are fire retardant panels. They offer safety to the inmates in the case of a fire as they are made of non-combustible material.

Formation of the Panel

The anti-fire feature of the ACP panel makes it the most obvious choice for builders and architects. The fireproof aluminium composite panel is made of a plastic core surrounded by two layers of aluminium. The plastic core is non-combustible or made of retardant mineral material. The two outer layers of aluminium are permanently bonded to the fire-resistant plastic core. PE paint or PVDF is coated on the front of the aluminium.

The combination of the fire resistant plastic core with aluminium makes it completely non-combustible. In case of fire, there is no propagation of flames or fire. There is also the inhibition of the growth of toxic and dangerous smoke, which is the main deterring factor in most cases of evacuation and reason for most deaths.

For this reason, the fire retardant panels are the much-preferred choice for use in hospitals, airports, gas stations and banks where safety is paramount.

Exclusive Features of fire-resistant ACP Panels

The fire resistant ACP panels are used in various places owing to their exclusive features that include the following:

  • Strength and durability
  • Flat surface and intense rigidity
  • Light weightiness
  • Retention of shine or gloss
  • Brilliant options of colours, textures and finishes
  • Easy installation
  • Low to no maintenance
  • Easy manufacturing

Uses of Fire Resistant Aluminum Composite Panels

The fire retardant ACP panels are used in a versatile manner for exteriors and interiors. They are used as display panels, column cladding, flat panels, ceilings, signage boards, insulation and for front elevations of buildings.

Choose the Eurobond ACP panels for your buildings.

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