How fine is ACP sheet as a façade, interior and signage material?

Aluminium composite panels is a unique material that is united with two core materials. It is extensively used for material cladding in construction of modular design and architecture. This sheet is also known as sandwich panel due to its united characteristic.

Aluminium cladding is popularly used in the IT sector, malls and showrooms, residential and commercial building, corporate bodies, hospitals and cultural rooms at large.

It is broadly available in infinite textures like sand, 3D finish layer, wooden, smooth and rustic material. Such textures are observed mostly in the modular kitchen, modular furniture, creative wall panel, kitchen ceilings, and drawers and cabinets.

They enrich the entire look of the place and serve as the most favoured material for signage or corporate engineering.

Types of ACPs used for facades, interiors, and signage:-

Exterior usage of ACP Sheet:

ACP sheets are available in myriads of designs and colours with neat texture at par. It comprises of high-end stone design, wood filling, sand and rustic texture wrapped with multifarious artistic look and style.

They are popularly used for brushed up series and façade style building design.

  • Highly durable and flexible materials with zero crack or dent
  • Eco-friendly unit and can be recycled
  • Unmatched flatness and grave by the thickness
  • Can be installed on soffit columns, facades, and canopies


Interior usages of ACP Sheets:

Aluminium composite panels are available in striped, scintillation and solid designs. They are mirror, wood and marble finishes. ACP work is used well in the office cladding, retail stores, and residential places.

It is best suited for fitness clubs, playschools, schools and institution, pathological labs and saloon, clad buses and cars. Also, they are specifically designed with Wooden Series ACPs, Rustic or 3D texture, sand, marble and mirror like surface material. These innovative ACPs are used in:

  • Modular panel
  • False ceiling
  • Kitchen drawers
  • Creative wall claddings
  • Modular kitchens
  • Furniture and skylights


ACP sheet cladding for Corporate Signage:

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) is one of the most anticipated materials used for corporate boards and signage items. They are super flexible and durable in performance.

With high-end viability and ready to install designs, it often attracts the customers and tempts them to opt for corporate signage.

ACP sheet is quite light-weighted, durable and easy to install in comparison to flex, vinyl and acrylic sheet.

  • Free-standing displays
  • POP displayed Items
  • Totems
  • Signboards
  • Billboards


From eye-catching facades of glamorous shopping malls to the contemporary expression of Office infrastructure, one must coherently put together all the creative things into a modular architecture.

Almost all the commercial structures are using this prominent material to bring out the best with exterior cladding. These above-mentioned items are made out of ACP sheet.

Thus, they are broadly available in different shades, range, textures, and design. A well thought out plan is required for effective implementation and installation of this cladding sheet.

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