How to recognize fireproof ACP panels simply?

Fireproof ACP panels are a sophisticated solution to make safe as well as beautiful buildings. The ACP sheets get their fire-resistance feature from the mineral core which occupies 90% or 70% of the whole product. This core is sandwiched between the two layers of aluminum. It is not a pure aluminum metal but an alloy made using the base as aluminum. This alloy is industrial grade 3xxx/5xxx with surface coated with 500 PVDF/FEVE lacquer.

The mineral core is made using MDH and ATH compounds, these are known for their halogen-free composition. It implies that the ACP does not emit any harmful vapors when burnt accidentally or forcefully. The halogen-free compounds also feature self-extinguishing capabilities along with the suppression of smoke. These compounds are the reason why buildings are deemed safe when built with fireproof ACP panels.

When we buy something because of its fire-resistant feature, the most obvious way of checking this property will be to burn it and see the outcome. There is a typical way of putting an FR ACP panel to fire-resistance test. Let’s learn more about it here.

One of the recommended tests for ascertaining the genuineness of FR ACP panel is the Candle Test. Here is the stepwise procedure for carrying out this test:

  1. Peel off the aluminum off the core part. It will require a little bit of effort because the aluminum sheet and core are tightly bonded. With the help of a peeling instrument, you can take it off, however.
  2. Now, you set the ACP core on the candle flame and allow it to catch fire.
  3. Hold the core over the flame for about 1 minute.

The results of this test will show that the core does not catch fire at all. The core, as claimed to be, is composed of the mineral compounds ATH and MDH. That is why it does not catch fire. This quality of the ACP panel is truly fire-resistant or incombustible in nature. You will also find that the sheet does not emit harmful vapors but the non-toxic water vapor on burning. There is nil smoke emission, and also, there are no flame droplets, which are mainly responsible for the spread of fire. Eurobond is the trusted dealer for genuine FR A2 grade ACP sheets that pass this test conveniently.

There is another variety of FR ACPs available in which the core will occupy 70% of the product. Eurobond classifies this product as FR Plus Class B ACP. The procedure for testing this sheet will be the same as above. On performing the Candle test on this ACP, it will show limited combustibility because the core forms 70% of the product unlike A2 grade, FR ACP. So, the core will catch fire a little bit but for a very short time. However, it self-extinguishes in a maximum of 110 seconds. You can keep track of this period if it is exceeded, the ACP is not genuine.

Why do you need to recognize genuine fireproof ACP?

The fire – retardant ACP is actually a bit expensive than other generally used building materials employed in simple constructions. Therefore, to justify the high FR aluminium composite panel price, one should get it checked with the recommended candle test.

The second very important reason is the safety of the building. When the architect says a building to be fire-proof in nature, it is due to the use of the materials like genuine FR ACP. So, if the material is of substandard quality, it is a sheer threat to the safety and sustainability of the structure.

So, read in detail about the recognition methods and services available, and then place the order for FR ACP. An aware customer is certainly a safe customer too!

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