IOCL approves Eurobond for its Pan India retail visual identity.

An overwhelming achievement for an enduring future

With a team of the finest people, advanced technologies, and cutting-edge research and development, Indian Oil Corporation Limited is the energy of India. In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, it is India’s number one energy supplier. I Indian Oil Corporation Limited reaches precious petroleum fuels throughout the country through its network of over 50,000 customer touch-points, including 29,000+ petrol pumps. This leading entity of India was looking for a revamp of its PAN India retail visual identity and, Eurobond was approved for it.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited is very particular about its association. The company makes sure that an excellent partner is chosen for the products and service. . Therefore while appointing, it makes sure that all its applicants undergo an extensive and detailed selection procedure. After enduring a lengthy process of thorough checks, factory visits, third-party testing, etc., Eurobond was approved for Indian Oil Corporation Limited’s corporate identity.

Eurobond ACPs will now be the face of every Indian Oil Petrol Pump across India.

Eurobond is known for its innovative outlook and world-class products. The ACPs produced by Eurobond are of high-quality, varied colours and textures, phenomenal finish, and excellent durability. With its constant hard work and commitment, Eurobond has become the first choice of every leading brand in the country for its corporate identity.  

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