One does not know the amount of value that FR ACPS can add to a building?

1. Fire Resistance:

Many ACP sheets often cladded with FR Grade features. They are highly fire-resistant because they are instilled with sandwich based aluminium layered within the mineral core.

As the aluminium alloy 3003 is already FR proof, it won’t deform up to 600 degrees Celsius. Additionally, FR ACP is studded with minerals that resist and restrict the flow of fire ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours based on requirements. These ACP sheets help in ensuring code of protection to any small or sky scrapped houses or corporate complexes.

2. Environment Friendly:

ACP in India is one of the most sustainable, natural and eco-friendly material. It can be recycled and can be further use after limited processing. This extensive material has been extracted out of sandwich panels that can be reused without compromising level of quality. It contributes to energy saving and solar heating to give momentum to economy.

3. Lightweight Material:

ACP work is so light weighted and resonate that it helps in driving cost control and keeping rein over operational activities of construction. But ACP serves best when comes to the lightweight material.

4. Come in a Variety of Colors:

Aluminium composite panels can be produced in many unique colours that suit your infrastructure. Like, on can go with Zinc, Copper or Brush Colours that matched with specific design and style of your business.

It also comes with the latest trends and shades like –

  • Bright Silver
  • Lake Blue
  • American Walnut
  • High Gloss Red
  • Sparkling Blue
  • Botochino

Thus, they are available in multiple designs, styles, and colors to give an extensive look to your interior as well as exterior models.

5. Customizable:

ACP sheets provide the facility to select designs and customize styles that reflect creativity in the most unique way. This feature is possible because it has adhered to routing properties of ACP Sheets.

Because of some of the superior routing properties, ACP sheets can be easily shaped in concave or convex, dome or diamond form. This reflects the flexibility at helm. They are available in different colours to give customized look with a finished and enhanced appearance over the wood bark or any other natural stone.

6. Modern and Classy:

ACP work is so modern and classy because it analyses the current fashion trend before delivering to their consumers. Such an element gives a classy look to the building with an enhanced and updated look. It will reflect a standalone effect when studded with ACP sheets. From premium standards to the classy outlook, everyone is shifting for the best and classy ACPs.

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