Overview of Fire Retardant ACP and its uses

Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panels (or Fire Retardant ACP) are the fire retardant panels that offer safety from fire having a core of flame-retardant mineral material or a core made of non-combustible material. These help in preventing the propagation of fire or flames and inhibit the growth of dangerous and toxic smoke that are unfavorable conditions to allow the safe evacuation activities. These fireproof aluminum composite panels are made exclusively for the greater fire regulation requirements in architecture. These aluminum composite panels possess the advantage of Aluminum characteristics.

The Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel is an ultimate solution with thefire-safe material.

The fire-resist aluminum composite panels are made with afireproofcore of plastic with two layers of aluminum over the plastic core. The panel has two layers of sheets of Aluminum which is resistant to corrosion. These layers are bonded permanently to the fire resistant core of plastic. The front of the Aluminum coats PVDF or PE paint. As the panel is very excellently resistant to fire, it is used in the construction of some special buildings. It is also used as a cladding material for the exterior and interior of walls.

The outstanding characteristics of Aluminum and the fire resistant features make it the one and only leading material for such uses. These fire-resist aluminum composite panels are widely used for the interior and exterior walls of buildings and commercial spaces such as banks, hospitals, airports, and gas station, where safety is of primary concern.

The exclusive features of fireproof aluminum composite panels include:

1. Exceptional feature of resistance to fire

2. Much lighter in weight and good strength

3. Intensely rigid and flat surface

4. Brilliant range of colors and retention of gloss or shine

5. Easy to install at the site

6. Easy to process and manufacture

7. Simple cleaning and maintenance required

Uses of Fire Retardant ACP:

The uses of aluminum composite panels are many and diversified. The flexible, lightweight and sturdy aluminum composite panels perform well in case of internal and external applications. These can be used in flat panels, ceilings, column cladding, display panels and much more. The Fire Retardant ACPs are often utilized in theexternal cladding and front elevations of buildings, insulation, and also signage boards.

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