Secure your homes with an A2 fire retardant

With the passage of time and need, the pattern of residential and commercial building construction has also changed. Nowadays, many high-rise i.e. multi-storied residential and commercial buildings have come up in a big way.

Living in flats of high-rise buildings or condos may be convenient and better from a security point of view yet you are always vulnerable to the risk of fire. Considering fire to be a big risk factor, in most of the buildings use of A2 fire retardant ACM i.e. Aluminum Composite Materials is on the rise.

Among popular ACMs, besides other materials, an ACP sheet has been found to be one of the best ACM in adding beauty and maintaining the longevity of the internal or external structures.

An A2 fire retardant ACP sheet is capable of providing security from fire.

Properties of ACP sheet

An ACP sheet consists of three layers out of which two external layers are made up of thin aluminum sheet, while the middle layer is usually made up of a low-density core.

The low-density base is usually made up of Polyethylene or mineral content.

The ACP sheet is lightweight having excellent aesthetic and acoustic properties.

In addition, an ACP sheet is extremely resistant to pollution, acids, and alkalis and helps in energy conservation and maintaining sound and heat insulation.

The most significant advantage of aluminum panel sheet lies in its ability to resist fire.

This fire retardant feature of aluminum panel sheet is due to the use of up to 90% inorganic and inflammable mineral i.e. core content in A2, the highest grade ACP sheet.

 Fire Retardant aluminum panel sheets

Not that every ACP sheet is a fire retardant sheet. While buying a fire retardant aluminium panel sheet, you will have to ask for an ACP sheet with ‘Fire Retardant Core Material’.

A2 fire retardant ACP sheet which differs in the thickness of external aluminum sheets as well core material used which is made from inflammable and inorganic materials.

Properties of good quality FR ACP sheet

The best quality A2 fire retardant sheet usually contain more than 90% mineral core that is inorganic and non-halogenated in nature.

Usually, Magnesium hydroxide (MDH), known as a better non-halogenated material, is mixed with Polyethylene foam to form the core of FR ACP sheet.

When it comes to the security of your home an A2 fire retardant ACP sheet, you can depend upon Eurobond which is a big name among manufacturers of fire-retardant A2 Aluminum panel sheets.

Advantages of A2 fire retardant ACP sheet

The finest quality A2 fire retardant ACP sheet will:

  • Not produce toxic gases and greatly reduce incidences of death due to choking by smoke emission
  • Not emit smoke and thus will prevent blurred vision and enable people to evacuate from fire escape routes
  • Not cause lateral or vertical spread of flames
  • Not release excessive heat and will prevent other materials from catching fire

In addition, an A2 fire retardant ACP sheet by virtue its high degree of droplet property will not melt into flaming droplets and instead convert into innocuous dust particles.

These fire-retardant sheets will not come off the façade and remain firmly affixed while dousing with high-pressure water from a fire hose

Eurobond takes pride in manufacturing A2 fire retardant ACP sheets of the highest quality for you so that you may not only secure your homes but add to the aesthetics and longevity of your home.

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