Shade variation and the cornsweet illusion: A plight of the metal composite panels manufacturing industry

Facade Installation Industry is buzzing with the discussion that is regarding the shade variation in metal composite panels. It is often mixed up with colour fading, shading variation is the occurrence of slight differences in attractiveness and looks that are observed in various batches of the identical metal composite panels.

Before investing in metal composite panels the below-given points should be kept in mind by the user to maintain long-lasting aesthetics:

  1. PVDF or Lumiflon paint in 70:30 ratio of PVDF and Acrylic-based paints should always be coating the front-facing top part of the metal composite panels.
  2. They certainly should have a two-coat paint application typically of 25-28 micron thickness or it should have a three Coat paint application of 30-35 micron thickness.
  3. The coating should be with high-end paints which have been sourced from reputed brands.
  4. The long-lasting effect and high staying power only comes when its coated with paint using the Double Coat Double Bake methodology.
  5. They can only be put using Non-Bleeding Weatherproof Silicone Sealants.
  6. To avoid any kind of batch variation, it is best advised to order the entire requirement of metal composite panels in one go rather than instalments.

If the user faces any sort of shade variation in the chosen metal composite panels even after consulting the above-given data then they should also go through the given below points:

  1. Does the installation surface have any kind of curves/turns?
  2. Are the metal composite panels in a straight line? If not then is there any manual/Fabrication error in them?

Cornsweet Illusion and Visual Perception

The cornsweet illusion has an apt example which is the curved edges of Metal Composite Panels. Tom Cornsweet was the first person to describe this concept in the1960’s and later it was further described in Visual Perception in 1970. This concept is an example of the way our brain uses the edges of shapes to convey information to the surrounding areas. This usually happens because of the way nerve impulses travel through the visual cortex. Retina obviously would interpret what it sees using certain luminance profiles. Cornsweet image is prepared with almost the same codes, which the cortex then integrates and comes at the same perceptual result. In other terms, we can also say that the brain is used to see things a particular way and so often it interprets information based on those parameters.

Image 1

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