Top companies for the best façade material

Façade to a building is just what face is to our body. It needs perfection in looks besides being quite safe and sturdy. A lot is speculated from the looks of the façade about the nature of a building. With the help of correct building materials, one can give any dull façade an impressive face-lift. Apparently, very few materials can withstand the challenges faced by the façade or elevation of materials.

A material is said to be apt for the façade material when it displays characteristics such as:

  1. Weather-resistance
  2. Capable of using the goodness of solar energy
  3. Providing strength and safety to the building
  4. Acoustic insulation
  5. Fire-resistance, and so on.

These structure-friendly features are found in materials such as ACP or aluminium composite panels, glass and curtain wall systems or window systems. These materials have the characteristics unique to themselves, and each of these delivers the most commendable results when the best companies are chosen.

Listed here are the top companies that are said to be the masters of façade materials of the best quality.

a.Eurobond: Eurobond is the most trusted ACP sheet manufacturer in India. Its wide range of ACP sheets offers the material fit for the facades of the building of all types. The buildings best in looks become possible to achieve with the help of ACP sheets that are available in a variety of finishes like wooden, mirror, sparkle, brush, metal and so many more. The fire-resistance feature of the facades comes from the FR ACP products that are truly fire-retardant. With the help of fire-retardant ACPs, the construction experts build structures that are easy to evacuate and provide enhanced safety to inhabitants. Some of the ACPs variants from Eurobond have a self-extinguishing feature because of which the spreading of fire can be prevented.

b.AIS: Glass is one of the most sophisticated façade materials available around. Glass allows maintaining optimal heat inside due to thermal insulation. It also allows trapping of solar energy and helps maintain favorable conditions in the structures built in cold countries. AIS glass offers a reliable medium that allows letting in of natural light to the inside of the building. Those buildings surrounded by nature and beautiful views offer an uninterrupted view of the beauty around to inmates. So, coming close to nature while having a luxury of modern buildings becomes easy with a glass façade.

c.Façade Design Inc.: Window systems are characterized by a slim design that enhances luminosity inside. These are high-performance façade materials that can enhance thermal breakdown with the help of a polyamide core frame. The window system offers better control over the air circulating inside as the inmates can regulate the ventilation level with the mere turning up of the handle. Thus, ventilation needs, good looks and the ease of operation come wrapped in Façade Design Window System that takes aesthetics and functionality to another level.

These are some of the top names that have changed the way facades look at the present and give an overview of what the future holds. Search for an aluminium composite panel manufacturer or a glass or window system manufacturer to compare the features and select what suits your façade perfectly.

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