Use wooden texture finish for creating great impressions!

Aluminium Composite Panel is basically a modern age material that is used mainly in revamping the interior and exteriors, its related applications and as signage.

It is available with multiple textures, designs, sizes and shapes in various colours and shades. It is popular for its exotic range of bold textures like stone, sand and wood.

ACP texture is of high quality – durable and consistent with its design. These panels last for long so one can count on it.

ACP material is highly trustworthy and can be used for regular purpose. In fact, it is so flexible and dynamic that despite being sturdy and durable, it can also be grooved, cut, bent and formed into different shapes

It can be mixed into any shape and that is nearly impossible to achieve with any other material.

Many interior designers and professional architect prefer such designs and material for a high-end construction project.


Aluminium Composite Panel is categorized like a sandwich panel that is comprised of LDPE core united between the two aluminium sheets.

With its exceptional flatness, it is highly bonded with the rigidity of the material. In fact, it employs unique technology for ruthless and continuous coating that makes the ACP models quite even and perfect with the surface.

The installation process is quite convenient and easy – without any hassle and so without pondering over it one should just use it.

It is readily available in any customised sizes that yield transportation of material in the best possible manner.

The array of benefits of Wooden ACP Sheet are as follows:


ACP Wooden panel is quite textures and cost-effective. Aluminium composite panel price offers additional cost savings wrapped with top-notch thermal quality comfort.

Sustainability and Durability:

This wooden panel is little rigid but possesses durability and stiffness in their performance. It is water-proof and water-resistant and possess sturdiness in avoiding corrosion over the sheets.

Also, it is weather-resistant and light weighted to make it last for long.

Enhance the appearance:

Wooden ACP sheet is undoubtedly a maidenly styled material that improves the look and appearance of the location. It can be marked as a signage of creativity and innovativeness.

Also, it can modify and beautify the cornered space into breathtaking differentiation. Thus, it enhances the appearance and design of the home or corporate décor.

Hassle-free maintenance:

The wooden ACP sheet does not require any regular maintenance. One can smoothly efface out all the dust and dirt just with a dip of normal duster.

Multiplicity of Applications:

ACP Wooden panels take a plunge in providing vast textures and shades into newly furnished designs. It brings a sense of attractiveness in different industries – From corporate and household bodies till healthcare and cultural departments at large.

When such a sheet is imprinted over different fixtures, it wins the heart of on-lookers and grabs inertia at par.

Thus, there are myriad of options available for a different set of needs. It is coated with various designs and colour to reflect the lifestyle of an individual or institution as a whole.

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