Various Applications of Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels in India is now much accepted construction component. This has lead to increase in Aluminium composite panels manufacturing. Though the market is dominated by few major players, companies keep adding innovations to their products so as to be the preferred supplier to their customers.


Aluminium Composite Panels in India

Owing to its qualities verse purposes due to its qualities, Aluminium Composite Panels find diverse applications. Following are some of the major applications:

  1. External Building Cladding – Aluminium Composite Panels (popularly known as ACP’s) find their primary application as cladding material for building facades. Nowadays, ACP’s are available in various textures and finishes, this ensures great aesthetic appeal and thus they have replaced traditional cladding materials. Also since ACP’s are light in weight, strong, durable, they are easy to install and maintain.


  1. False Ceilings- ACP sheets are available in various colours, and textures. These sheets can be easily bent, cut, drilled and punched into different shapes. Considering both the functional and the aesthetical value addition that it provides, Aluminium Composite Panels the most preferred materials to make false ceilings and partitions.


  1. Signage – ACP’s also find great deal of application in signage industry. An ACP is comprised of three layered structure. The top and the bottom layers are covered with Aluminium Sheet and the central layer is low density polyethylene; Since it is very easy to paint the surface of ACP with colour of your choice, they can be used as displays, sign boards, and advertising panels.


  1. Decorations – Considering the variations in ACPs available in market, they become the most preferred choice when it comes to adding that wow factors while designing the interiors. ACP’s classy finsh, easy installation, durability, and low maintenance make it popular amongst the architects and interior designers. ACPs can be easily converted into multiple complex shapes and thus allows you to experiment and get creative.


  1. Backing Material For Mounting Fine Art – Your photographs and art works are delicate and much cherished by you. To save them from bending or wrinkling it is necessary to mount them on a rigid backing. ACPs being light weight yet durable are a perfect fit to cater this requirement.


Know more interesting applications of ACP? Share your thoughts on going creative with ACPs.

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