Why are ACP Claddings best?

Aluminium composite panel also commonly known as ACP cladding is the most preferred building material in today’s construction world. The modern buildings, be it commercial, residential, institutional, or hospitals, will have ACP work on them. Here are some of the reasons why this material has taken building industry by storm:

Durability – ACP cladding has amazing strength and durability. They are weather resistant hence the wear and tear is very low considering climatic conditions. Also, they are dust and stain resistant therefore damage considering outside conditions is a bare minimum. Being impervious to dust, stains, and climate, ACP guarantees its strength for years to come.

Minimum Maintenance – As mentioned above since ACP’s are resistant to damage from external conditions, they don’t need regular upkeep. You can simply schedule periodic cleaning sessions wherein you merely wipe the soil and residue from them and they are good as new.

Highly safe – There is a fire retardant variable available in ACP’s. This variant insures you from unfortunate incidences of fire breakouts. Since Aluminium claddings are slow in combustion, they buy you extra time during the evacuation process. Also, ACP’s do not generate unsafe gases or exhaust as they burn hence it doesn’t choke occupants escaping and also doesn’t harm the environment.

Cost-Effective – Aluminium claddings are easy to install and very low on maintenance as we learned earlier in the blog. This means less labour cost and minimal upkeep expenditure which makes ACP’s one of the most cost-effective building material available in the market.


When you decide to purchase ACP, make sure you settle for nothing but the best. Eurobond – A brand of Euro Panel Products Pvt Ltd is an undisputed market leader when it comes to manufacturing of high-quality aluminium panels. Their variety can be explored in their diverse portfolio. They also provide customized panels based on your size, colour, and texture requirements. The panels are competitively priced and can be sourced easily through their widespread distribution network.

So check them online now and make your wise choice. Get the most beautiful and durable interiors and exteriors designed using ACP’s.

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