Why are Indian Architects fascinated with ACP panels?

During the ‘90s due to the liberalization of the Indian economy we saw the Indian markets filled with foreign goods and services. This was happening for the first time ever and hence the Indians were exposed to something completely new. We could clearly see a drastic shift in the architecture along with everything else also. There was suddenly an extensive usage of aluminium cladding in buildings across the country. The out of nowhere appearance of these aluminium composite panel sheets was one of the many fascinating changes that happened in India.

The new millennium Indian architectures were blown away by cities such as Singapore and Dubai. And why would Dubai certainly not be on any architects mind after all it has possibly the highest ACP panel concentration in the world. But after the economic liberalization, a lot of architects wanted to do projects in India since they weren’t exposed much to the concept of external and internal cladding in buildings and how they can protect as well as provide an urban look.


As everyone knows ACP cladding was pretty fast and easy to install, also it requires minimal maintenance and looks extremely appealing. The liberalization of the economy allowed builders and contractors to get easy and quick finishes on the exteriors of the buildings. In those days people were looking to earn fast cash by building good and as soon as possible hence the demand for aluminium composite panel suppliers increased. With the coming in of the ACP sheet design of the buildings it helped withstand the stains caused during the monsoon rains.

Then during the first five years of the 21st Century, ACP cladded buildings had become pretty come thing. Its use had become so much that any and every company in the construction line started selling but Eurobond not only maintained quality but also made sure that the aluminium composite panel price is within a very pocket – friendly range for consumers in various colors and textures. The low maintenance and superior quality make ACP unknowingly replaced the other external finishes.

Eurobond ACP has turned out to be one of the most researched, innovative, and enhanced construction material in modern times in India for architects. Also, they prefer it is due to the very fact that its policy of maintaining quality control has seen it not only cement its name as the top aluminium composite panel manufacturers but also help in making good architectural designs.

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