Why choose FR Panels?

CCD, Bata Shoes shops, Dominos Pizza, Renault car showroom, Big Bazaar, IDBI Bank; Do you recollect something common between these brands? It’s material that they use to design the interiors and exteriors. The visual display and ambience of any showroom, shop, cafe, influences buyers decision; moreover, these are the places frequented by most of the people and have to maintain high safety standards. Thus, the preferred material to design these spaces is FR Panels as they are perfect combination of beauty and safety when it comes to choice of construction material.

Eurobond FR Panels are manufactured to conform highest standard of fire safety. The FR Panel is composed of fire resistant material filled core that is sandwiched between two skins of architectural aluminium of selected thickness. These fire retardant panels are available in various colours, textures, and finishes and can be processed and fabricated just as any other aluminium composite panel. In addition to ease of processing, FR Panels provide all the other advantages of a normal ACP like easy to install, easy to maintain, durable, weather proof, and more.

The way to determine how safe the building is from fire, is by determining the provisions available in building construction and in its design and materials. Hence the materials are required to withstand or facilitate fire fighting and should ensure that the accidents (natural or man made) should have minimum impact on loss of life or property.

Thus fire retardant panels are the most apt construction/ cladding material to be used while building residential buildings, public utility buildings like art galleries, stadiums, museums, corporate buildings, malls, fuel filling stations, super market, car show rooms etc. as the core filled in ACP reduces the intensity of spread of fire with low smoke emission and a non-toxic smoke ensures safer escape of people and time to take anti-fire measures.

Next time when you visit a showroom, corporate building, bank, or a stadium, notice the ACP panel on their facade and interiors. While they are giving the structure a vibrant look, they are also ensuring your safety.

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