Why should one choose Eurobond ACP for their facades?

ACP is one of the trusted materials used for building interiors, facades, and signages. This material has several positive points in its favor that earns it the trust of reputed builders. Most important ones are:

a.Fire-retardant: Eurobond ACPs are built keeping in mind several needs of a building, the topmost being safety. ACP from Eurobond is having a non-combustible mineral core along with aluminium alloy 3003 skin that provides the sheet added resistance to fire. It is also good at adding sturdiness to the structure due to Aluminum core developed in ACP variety. To top it all, it can withstand external conditions fairly well. Thus, facades never look weathered when empowered with Eurobond ACPs.

b.Sustainable: With the help of high-quality ACP, builders are bringing in greenness to the structure. It is owing to the fact that ACP is a recyclable material. It does not need touch-ups or replacements for years. Thus, the façade maintenance cost is considerably reduced. Incombustible nature, moisture-proof material and smoke-resistance bring in added sustainability to the structure when ACPs are applied.

c.Superior in aesthetic value: Eurobond ACPs offer the best choice for building beautiful facades as these retain gloss with no efforts. This material can be bent into various shapes and cut in different sizes that can fit into any of the innovative designs easily. Thus, this Eurobond ACPs do not fail the expectations of builders trying to achieve architectural innovation.

d.Available in multiple finishes: Whether it is a wooden look or a glossy wrapper look, or any other finish that is suitable for modern premises, Eurobond ACPs can deliver any of these with added ease. The unending list of finish choices adds to their suitability for the premise of any kind.

e.Performance-centric: Eurobond ACPs are performance exemplified. Best suited for high rise buildings and to those facades that need to retain a look for years, this ACP stands out in deliverability. Durable, fire-resistant, innovative, easy evacuation feature and certainly best-looking – these qualities give Eurobond ACPs a better rank amongst other materials when it comes to performance.

f.Supports innovation in the building: Due to the ability of mold in various sizes, shapes and added functionalities, the architects can give any building a distinct brand personality with Eurobond ACPs. The material supports innovation with no fuss and is made for buildings that are capable of becoming landmarks of their area.

So, if you are looking for a façade that can give a character to your building or help build a brand image, you must consider using Eurobond the best aluminium composite panel manufacturer. The brand stands for innovation and quality – a combination that every facade needs!

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