Wood Series by Eurobond

Eurobond – A brand of Euro Panel products Pvt Ltd is well known for the premium quality ACP in India. With over a decade’s experience in manufacturing ACP and innovative metal composite panels, company has come across as an undisputed market leader. Their commitment towards quality doesn’t stop there, as they continually try to improve and produce quality outputs.

Eurobond offers panels in wide varieties of colours, textures, finishes. This ensures that their business and production strategies are aligned with customers’ expectations. The variety of products they offer ensures that they not only improve the structures and facades functionally but also aesthetically. The company operates with a moto to contribute in improving the standards of building industry in India and world.

Their standard product portfolio includes panels with:

  1. Metallic Finish
  2. Solid Finish
  3. Marble Finish
  4. High Gloss Finish
  5. Brush Finish
  6. Sparkle Finish
  7. Mirror Finish
  8. Wood Finish
  9. Wood Texture Finish

As a yet another milestone in journey of improvement and innovation, Eurobond introduces 3 new shades in Wood Series. These ACP’s are unreally natural and really beautiful. Use these when you want to give your projects an old wood charm. The wood finish ACP’s will prove to be way more durable, flexible and lasting comparatively vs. traditional wood facades; and all of this without compromising on the aesthetic appeal.

Some of the key product features are:

  1. They have excellent flatness; since there is no friction on product surface the installation shall be smooth and clean.
  2. These AP’s are light in weight and break resistant; hence, very easy to manage and install.
  3. These ACP’s are UV Resistant; thus, long exposure to sunlight won’t result into wear and tear.
  4. These ACP’s are weather resistant and thus shall stand the test of water, heat, dust, and time. They are adaptable to all temperatures and sound.
  5. These ACP’s are ready to install and thus take minimal labour. Also, since they are immune to general wear and tear, they require less maintenance and upkeep. This makes them quite cost effective in long run.

Share with us your specific requirements or visit www.eurobondacp.com to know more.

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